Top 10 Camping Tips for Families

February 22, 2016

Top 10 Camping Tips for Families

Going camping with your family is supposed to be a stress-free and fun experience, giving you all a chance to enjoy each other’s company without the distractions of everyday life. But if you’re not careful, it’s not long until you start to hear cries of boredom from the children.

So, we’ve collected 10 great camping tips from families that have learnt the hard way.

1, Take plenty of snacks

Kids use up lots of calories when they’re outside all day, so take a good supply of healthy snacks (and treats – it is a holiday after all) to keep energy levels up.

2, Take rucksacks for everybody

Try and take a rucksack for everybody so that you can share the load for any day trips and the kids get a sense of ownership and responsibility for looking after their gear.

3, Take ear plugs

A family campsite can be a noisy place at night. Unwanted snoring and screaming babies can be silenced with a decent set of ear plugs.

4, Plan for needing the loo

Even if you never have to get up in the night at home, chances are you’ll need to when you go camping. Make sure the whole family know where their shoes, coat and torch are. And if your little ones are planning on wearing a onesie, make sure they put a vest on underneath, otherwise night-time wild wees can be a cold and miserable experience!  

5, Pen and paper

Kids love to meet new friends on camping trips so keep a pen and paper handy so they can swap address details to stay in touch.

6, Take a ball

Any kind of ball (tennis, football, rugby) is great for a bit of family sport. Even better if you can get others to join in the fun. 

7, Allow enough time for packing up

It always takes longer than you think to get everything packed up, so it’s worth thinking about how long you need before you make arrangements for leaving day.

8 Walkie Talkies

A great way to stay in touch on the campsite and on walks. And guaranteed to get children together having fun.

9, Entertainment for rainy days and evenings (and 5am wake-ups!)

Take books, board games and activities in an “activity bag” –  anything that you know will keep your children happily occupied. Otherwise they’ll end up trashing the tent or the car.

10, Start dinner early

It takes longer than you think to get a campfire or a BBQ to cooking temperature. One minute you’re enjoying an afternoon drink and then it’s 7pm and the kids are hungry. Starting early means you’ll eat a more relaxed dinner and get the kids to bed on time (ish).

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