Why go camping in spring?

March 03, 2016

Why go camping in spring?

Most families leave it until the summer before they pack the tent and head out camping. The promise of a “BBQ summer” and long lazy days spent sipping G&T’s. But why wait until summer when there are so may good reasons to go camping in spring.

Watch spring bloom

One of the joys of camping in spring is watching nature come alive. The sleeping bulbs of daffodils and bluebells wake up. Birdsong is all around you. And the trees start to come into leaf. If you’re outside for most of the day, then you get to witness this up close.  A perfect time to take some photos or go for a nature walk.

Cheaper camping

Going out of season is generally a bit cheaper. Some sites that open all year round offer really good discounts in spring especially for mid-week camping. And if you’ve got a large family these discounts can really make a difference. 

Quieter camping

Another advantage of camping out of season is that there are less people around, both on the campsite and visiting local attractions.. So you get more space and less crowds - what could be better? And you have more chance of bagging the best pitch.

Go further

Everyone wishes for hot weather when they’re camping but if you want to do some decent cycling or hiking, then the cooler spring days can be far more comfortable if you want to cover longer distances. You won’t over heat or need to drink as much water. 


A campfire should be part of every camping trip but they are particularly good for spring camping. A campfire will give you heat and light in the evening so you can extend your evenings outside.

Organised events

There are often organised activities for children in spring. Nature walks, Easter egg hunts, adventure days. Check local guides online for more information. There’s always something to do.

Hopefully that’s given you a few good reasons to dust off the tent and get something booked.

And if you do decide to give it a go then here’s a few tips:

  1. Pack for cold weather. It’s easy to deal with warm weather but if you’ve not got enough warm clothes you’ll be wishing you were at home
  2. When it starts to get cold in the evening add an extra layer – don’t wait and leave it until you are cold as it’s hard to warm up again
  3. Taking a sleeping bag liner can give you a bit of extra warmth if the temperate starts to drop
  4. Try and take a fleece or wool blanket too – you might be able to share if it’s not too cold
  5. Don’t forget the wet weather gear. Water proof overtrousers are small, easy to pack and mean you don’t go to bed wet
  6. Try and find a site that allows campfires – you’ll be very glad you did if you have a cold evening
  7. Find a campsite with lots of good nature walks so you can head out on a long trek and see the signs of spring

And if you need some ideas on where to go – try this list of campsites that are open all year


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