5 things you need to know before going to Camp Bestival 

August 22, 2016

5 things you need to know before going to Camp Bestival 

If you saw two parents sitting in a field at twelve o’clock at night, drinking warm cans of larger with their kids next to them asleep in a garden trolley – would you be concerned? Normally yes, but not so at Camp Bestival. 

Even though it was 3 weeks ago, the memories of our trip to Camp Bestival are still fresh and the kids are still talking about it. If you’ve never been, this very family friendly festival is a must visit for 2017. 

So here’s our top list of things you should know before you go...

1, You’ll be amazed at the costumes that people wear

Every year there is a theme for the festival and people put A LOT of effort  into their costumes to celebrate this theme. This year it was Space so we saw lots of Rai’s, astronauts and even the entire crew from the star ship enterprise. You don’t have to go all out and wear your costume all weekend (although some do), just put on a themed t-shirt and a few accessories and feel like you’ve joined the party. 

2, You’ll be even more amazed at how pimped up some of the trolleys are

A folding trolley is not just for your garden, it’s your all terrain festival utility vehicle that will carry your temporary home and then magically transform into a space rocket to carry your kids around the site. People take a lot of pride in their trolleys and we saw some seriously impressive rigs. 

But let’s not pretend here...the trolleys aren’t for the kids. They’re really for grown-ups so that they can stay out way longer than bed time and carry on partying like they did in their 20’s. You know it’s true! 

So make the effort with your trolley, you’ll be glad you did. 

3, You will walk a long way

It’s a big site. Big enough so that you need to plan your day and have a bit of an itinerary. Walking from your pitch to the main arena a few times, then moving between the different stages and events soon puts miles on. We did over 30,000 steps on one day and 98,000 over the whole weekend. That’s 48 miles! 


So think about footwear, and try and minimise how many times you go back to your pitch. Although an afternoon rest for the kiddies can be a very good idea if you want to extend the evening.

And another thing worth knowing - as you can see from the screen shot - mobile signal is hard to come by!

4, Camping comforts will not be sacrificed 

When faced with the scenario of not having your car parked next to your tent you might think that thoughts would turn to sacrificing certain creature comforts from your normal camping set up. Not so for the campers at Camp Bestival. Just because you need to carry your gear up steep slopes, walk almost a mile to your tent and then make several trips, you still want your full camping gear.

Table and chairs, inflatable sofas, BBQ, complete camping kitchen. Hats off to the people who brought wardrobes, spinning washing lines, outdoor lights and even garden gnomes!

5, There are LOADS of activities for kids (and adults) to do

We all know that kids can get bored very easily. Especially if they can’t watch TV for 4 days. But with the range of activities available, there is no shortage of things to do. We particularly enjoyed the science tent and the woodcraft area. The cost of some of these things can soon add up so make sure you take some extra cash for unplanned activities. 


So what's our verdict? Camp Bestival gets a big thumbs up from us and we'll be back next year. But with a better trolley...


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