Our Story

It all started with a problem.

A common problem it seems. Shared by many parents…

The unattainable dream - balancing work and family life.

We all want to achieve it but most rarely do. The expanding to do list and lack of that rare commodity known as time, create a conflict between work and family life.

We wanted to make a change, slow down and focus on what matters most. 

An idea

The challenge was tough – it needed some creative thinking. How do you support a family whilst achieving a better work life balance?

So why not ask the children? They came up with some great ideas…

Start a chocolate factory – with Oompa Loompas

Create a machine that does your homework

Design a range of flat-pack dens that you can order online and set up in any bedroom

They all sounded great fun – but perhaps not the makings of a family business. 

So we decided to base something around our passion for family camping and spending time outdoors. Which is something we do a LOT of - we’ve even been known to go camping on new year’s eve.

Finding the right outdoor equipment for children can be a challenge as there are too many places to look, too many products and too many choices.

Our Shop

So we decided to set up a website to supply the equipment we love to families that share a passion for spending time outdoors. And everything in the shop would be tried and tested by us so we’d know it would work for other families.

So here we are today with a shop that we hope is providing families with the equipment they need to have amazing outdoor adventures.

Have more fun. Go outside.
The Wild Child Team