Bushcraft for Kids

Now that Ray Mears and Bear Grylls are household names, people are more aware of bushcraft and survival skills and taking an interest in learning more about them.

So what is “Bushcraft”?

We think you can best describe it as “skills for living and thriving in the wild”. A collection of skills that you can use to live outdoors comfortably and sustainably.

Although bushcraft is becoming more popular, it’s not a modern invention or movement. It’s simply a term used to describe what our ancestors practiced as part of their everyday lives. Building shelters, lighting fires, cooking, foraging, tracking and hunting. Basically, living and thriving in the wild. If they hadn’t, we wouldn’t be here.

Bushcraft is a very varied subject covering lots of different areas. There are lots of interesting activities you can do with your children so we’ve started a list to give you a few ideas.

Knots and lashings
Fire lighting (with firesteel)
Setting up a shelter
Campfire cooking
Compass work
Willow whistle
First Aid
Tool maintenance
Friction fire
Introduction to Bushcraft kit
Tree and plant identification
Water purification
Preserving Food

Before you try any of these things, read as much as you can, watch videos and make sure your confident in what you’re doing.

Make it fun and your children will learn skills for life and gain a well-rounded respect for the outdoors. 

We’ll be adding more information to the site to help more children get involved in bushcraft and learning wilderness skills.