Family Camping List

The secret to a successful family camping trip is the camping list. Getting ready to go camping can be a little stressful, so get your list out a few days before you leave and make sure you have everything ready. Don’t be that family we’ve all seen whose trip begins with an argument over who forgot the bottle opener.

We’ve put together a list which is tried and tested and has been handed down (and added to) through generations. Download your own copy and update as you need to. There is a link at the end of the page


Top Tip: Putting up a tent can test even the strongest of relationships. Make sure everyone has had a practice at putting it up before you arrive at your site and have an audience!


Top tip – leave a torch and shoes easily accessible during the night so you can go to the loo without waking everybody else up. 


Top tip: Pack the things you’ll need first at the top of your bag and roll clothes to take up less space

Cooking and eating

Keeping clean




Top Tip: Make sure everybody has a torch and some spare batteries.



Fire (if you’re allowed one)

Top tip: Bring a mixture of hard and soft wood. Soft wood to get the fire going and hard wood for a long slow burn for cooking on.


For the children

Download this family camping list (word)

Download this family camping list (PDF)